Steps to Take When Your Printer Stops Working

Home printers make printing almost anything simple, easy and cost-effective, especially because you can find cheap toner cartridges with ease. However, like any electrical device, things can sometimes go wrong. If you turn on your printer and find that it is not working as you want it to, you may immediately think the worst. However, there are a few steps that you can take to try and sort out the problem, so work your way through the following steps and see if you can resolve it.

Check the Connection

The first thing that you should do is to check that your printer is actually connected to the power supply. If it does not make any sign that it is connected, check the switches and the plug and make sure it is receiving power.

If it is turned on but still not reacting to your printing requests, make sure that it is connected to the computer properly. This may be in the form of a USB cable or a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi connections may be more problematic because if you lose your connection to the internet the printer will stop working. So go over all the possible areas where the connection could be a problem, and then move onto the following steps.

Check the Paper Supply

One of the most common problems when printers stop working is that the paper supply has run out, or the sheets have become jammed. Check the paper to see if there are any problems here before progressing.

Check the Ink Cartridges

Another thing to check is the ink cartridges. It’s possible that the ink cartridge may have come dislodged or might need to be re-aligned. Your toner cartridges may also be running dry so check that they have not run out of ink. Your printer should pre-warn you when the ink cartridges are almost empty, however if not, you can then prevent this problem in the future by making sure you check the level of ink regularly so that you always have a good idea when you need to stock up. You may also want to buy larger cartridges that will last longer and can sometimes be more economical to buy. Also consider compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges which can be a cheaper alternative to branded ink cartridges.

Check the Manual

If you see flashing lights on your printer, these could mean a whole range of different things. To find out what the problem is, check your manual. If you don’t have a manual you can usually download one from the manufacturer’s website.

Call Your Manufacturer

If you cannot find out what the problem is then call your printer manufacturer. You should not start taking your printer apart because you could end up damaging it further. Try to get it seen by a printer technician who will hopefully be able to fix it for you.


Sort Out Your Printer Problems with Ease

Printer problems can sometimes be the result of a serious defect, but more often than not they are due to minor problems that you can solve on your own. Work your way through the above steps next time you try to print something and find that it does not work. And remember to keep stocked up with the cheapest ink cartridges you can find so that you do not run out of ink when you most need it.

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